We are a growing family owned videography business located in Davis, California. We have a heart for supporting and networking with local businesses and much of our work comes from weddings in the Solano, Sacramento and Napa region. Our mission is to provide professional quality videos for our clients in a friendly and welcoming environment, in a way that leaves a positive impact in our community.

Originally launched as a part time venture in 2017 while continuing a degree in Digital Film Production, Matthew Johnson Films has grown into a full-time career. We continue to grow in a context mindful of pre- and post-pandemic life. 2020 was to be our first full-time year, taking on twice as many weddings as the previous year. After losing 90% of our wedding work due to COVID-19 in 2020, we expanded our operating coverage to include aerial drone videography, real estate and business marketing.

So while weddings is at the core of what we do and makes up the majority of our work, we also take on freelance and commercial work, as well as contribute to several industry leading stock video companies. Regardless of the type of work we do, we strive to do so with the same goal in mind. We want to produce the best quality product we can possibly offer our clients, but primarily, we offer a service.

As a family business, we bring our teamwork and chemistry to every shoot and emphasize hospitality with all of our clients. We also know how important it is to work with other vendors. Simply put, we all use our craft to put food on the table and whatever we can do to lift up the other vendors around us, the better the outcome for everyone. So now that you know a little bit about our business and what we emphasize, take a second to "meet us" below!


Matthew Johnson

Tiffany Johnson

Matt's love for film started at a young age when he first picked up his step-dad's camcorder. He entered the world of journalism, later earning an Associate degree from Solano Community college, then working locally as a video journalist. After overcoming a diagnosis of Chronic Lyme disease in his early twenties, he enrolled in Sacramento State University after being out of school for 6 years to finish his Bachelor's degree in Digital Film Production. There he graduated Summa Cum Laude and began filming weddings to supplement his income as a youth pastor. After 10 years in that role, Matt stepped down to launch his videography business full time, passing his position on to a former student.

Tiffany has always had a talent for media and stage production. Being a member of several choirs and drama programs as a kid, she grew a passion for the performing arts. Her aspirations were halted when she was diagnosed with cancer as a young teen. During her cancer treatment, she visited the set of 24 courtesy of the Make a Wish Foundation where she fell in love with film. Following her declaration of being cancer free, she began filming weddings with her dad. She moved to New York City after high school where she studied acting. While in NYC, she began serving on the music team at her church. She now is the executive director of music, media and communications at her church in Davis, CA.

Matt and Tiffany met during the height of the pandemic and they quickly became close over their shared love for music, film and serving in their churches. They got engaged in just 9 months and married in April, 2022. As a couple who truly enjoyed planning their wedding day, it is a joy for them to not only film others' weddings, but do so in a way that makes their wedding truly theirs! They both are passionate about supporting companies, businesses and organizations that make the world a better place and as such, strive to do so through their videography.

As a family business, Matthew Johnson Films is about love; love for people, love for film and celebrating love itself.